A Childhood Cancer Survivor Talks About Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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How did my Mom deal with watching me and never let me see how scared she was? I think about how those Mommy’s felt when their little girls and boys lost their sweet baby curls because of chemo. I think about how those Daddy’s felt as they hold their kids down so they can receive chemos so toxic it will haunt them the rest of their lives, while that same chemo hopefully saves them.

I live the reality of the “cure” that is currently offered.

For me that means I have to search for my crutches every night when Kennedy cries out and needs cuddles. I have to pay twice as much for my shoes (because I only wear one). I can’t always play chase or do the things Kennedy wants me too (thankfully she’s awfully accommodating to me). I take medications each day because my cure also destroyed my heart muscle.... A Cancer Post.

child with an iV

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