Boys will be boys; that is how I felt this evening as I was making dinner for two hungry stomachs. Some parents may disagree with my process of raising my son but it works for us. My son gets easily bored at school and he is only in kindergarten. His teacher says he is very smart and never has a problem with his work. If there is any problem with his work it is the fact that he finishes early and has nothing left to do. I suggested giving him more work, knowing how tight money is, I bought a workbook and gave it to her. The workbook will keep him busy while others are finishing up work. This is not where the real problem lies. The seriousness of this issue is the fact that during my son's down time aka naptime he is expected to sleep.

My son has not been taking naps since he turned five because I was trying to get him in the habit of schedules. He was having a hard time and the first parent teacher conference started with, I think your son may have ADHD. First thing running through my mind was oh s**t because I have had ADHD since I was very young. However I then began to think back to everything I got into trouble for being a space cadet, bouncing queen, and every other random description for an intense ADHD child. Nowhere in all of those fond memories did I see my son.

As a parent I know that I can be skewed when it comes to my son but I also know how it feels to be in my brain, so if there were any help I can give my son I would rather do it now and help him succeed. So I started thinking of all the different traits that could be a sign. After school he comes home, does his homework (never takes more than 10 minutes), and then does his chores. When he is done he has his playtime for toys, gets ready for bed (shower), eats dinner, brushes and flosses his teeth, and finally I read for a half hour to him before bed.

I know many people come up with the conclusion that children need meds but at what point can the parents say just stop, kids are kids it takes time and growth for them to learn and change. Lets be realistic, even as adults we do not change so easily. How are we to expect our children to change with the snap of our fingers?


Rewinding to him coming home he has a sheet of smilie faces for each event that occurs throughout the day at school, which was started after he was having a “hard time” with recess line-up time and naptime. I know I have an extreme rebel but my way of handling it is where the discussion may come in. I tell my son that in order to “do fun things” he needs to come home with all happy faces. I know that for some this is a reward issue and that he should want to be good on his own. I see this as the physical reminder to keep working hard throughout the day. It’s a matter of schedule that helps him the most.


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