Children and Writing: Computer or Pencil?

My 7 year old daughter has been writing a lot lately.


She loves writing stories, and she love to illustrate the stories. At night in bed she lies with a tablet of paper and a pen or pencil... drawing words, stories and pictures until she falls asleep. I find bits of stories all around the house... and random illustrations that have broken away from their stories.


And now she wants a blog. Technically, she has one - a URL... the blog just need to be set in place.


I have thought about the safety issues, we've talked about rules when she gets started in the blogosphere. But I wonder... what about her drawings? I don't think time writing on the computer will replace her late-night-in-bed writing and drawing sessions, but I wonder... do I really want her to using the computer to write her stories?


What are your thoughts? Do you have children that blog? Do you have children that love to draw? I know there are "techy tablets", but what about the pencil and the paper? I know about scanners, but do you think there is just *something* about creating in one unified thought and physical space?


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