Children Are Like a Puzzle


Some children come with all the pieces and they fit so perfectly together. You begin with the boarder or frame of the puzzle. Then, you work your way to the pieces in the middle to complete the picture. These puzzles look exactly like the picture of the front of the box. Maybe even a little better because you assembled it.

Other children don’t come with all of the puzzle pieces. The traditional puzzle building skills don’t apply to this puzzle; therefore, you scramble to learn different puzzle building skills. The pieces don’t all fit together… so you cut a few of the pieces to allow them to complete the picture. You can’t begin with the boarder because there aren’t any straight edged pieces… you don’t know where to begin. So, you start in the middle and try to match like pieces… one at a time. You end up with different parts of the whole… all clustered together.

After working for a while you begin to see the puzzle come together.  The clusters of pieces are starting to form images that are recognizable. The parts are coming together as a whole. From what you can see so far it is the most beautiful picture you have ever seen in your life. It certainly does not look like any other puzzle you have ever seen before. There is no other puzzle like it. It is one of a kind… an original… a special edition! This glimpse motivates you and gives you hope. You are eager to finish it because you know it will be your best work yet! Yet, you are patient because you know that puzzles can’t be built in a day.

I am still building the puzzle… learning different puzzle building skills… cutting a few pieces along the way… I began with the middle… piece by piece… in parts… in clusters… being patient. But from the glimpse I have so far… it is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen in my entire life. I am going to frame this one! 

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