Children Choking Apples?

E and apples4th Place Winner Still Gets a Ribbon

Oh, I bet you're on the edge of your seat waiting to see which post is the 4th most read post based on search engine traffic. Well, wait no longer….it's The Organic, Sustainable, Grass-Fed, All-Natural, Free-Range, Fair Trade Grocery List: What Do All These Adjectives Mean??

Food for Thought

I have to admit that I have been surprised by how often this post gets picked up by search engine queries. This post explains the U.S. Department of Agriculture's labels in regards to organic, natural, grass-fed, sustainable, fair trade, etc. When I first posted it I got quite a response from readers, and it continues to be well-read.

Information about our food has become more important and more readily available to the consumer. People want to know who grew the plants or raised the livestock; where that farm is located; how quickly and by what means it arrived at the market; and what, if any, hormones, fertilizers, chemicals, etc. were used on the food product. And this is a good thing.

Intriguing Searches

This is not the only post involving food. I have also written about choking hazards, social host laws, BPA free containers, etc. Here is a list of the most fascinating searches on the topic of food, eating and drinking:

  1. "children choking apples"
  2. "organic adjectives"
  3. "dried fruit Czech Republic "
  4. "should I take my child to ER for choking"
  5. "grazing, rooting and pecking"
  6. "list of safe, natural adjectives"
  7. "what to do if your baby swallows tinsel"
  8. "sustainable grass types"

Clearly, a few of these searches were misdirected to Motherly Law. Other keywords are grammatically comical. Either way, I'm glad these people made their way to Motherly Law, and I hope they found something worth sticking around for on Motherly Law.

The Scoop

On Friday, I will answer a few of the questions posed from search engine queries and list a few more post links. Over and out…


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