Chilled & Spicy Japanese Ramen (Hiyashi chuka) – Fresh As It Can Be!

Cold & Spicy Ramen

The prevalent Asian consumption habit has it that most food has to be sufficiently cooked over a fire (or heat in some cases) for them to be hygienic and to taste good.  But there is also an inherent instinct among some to eat food as fresh as they could be so as to savour the natural sweetness and texture of the ingredients. Some of these are presented as chilled or cold dishes which are popular especially in the hot summer seasons of Asia.

My previous, first, attempt at a chilled dish was the Thai Mango salad. It was love at first taste; I got hooked onto chilled dishes like this ever since. Thereafter, I discovered that every culture has at least one unique cold or chilled dish that deserve more attention than they now receive. These dishes never fail to surprise me in terms of their taste, sight and smell. In terms of culinary variety and choices, I personally feel that they fare much better than their Western counterparts too.

My second attempt at a chilled Asian dish is this Japanese dish here called Hiyashi chuka (冷やし中華), or chilled Japanese ramen. It is one filled with colourful summer fruits and vegetables, all of which add layers to the texture of the noodles. Top it up with a spicy and tangy sesame oil dressing and it is ready to go!

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