Chilli Con Carne, Or Some Say ‘Chilli’ For Short

Chilli Con Carne

Although the term ‘chilli con carne’ is Spanish, meaning ‘chilli with meat’, it actually originated from the US State of Texas – a dish born out of an effort to get the Mexican Americans to appreciate the taste of chilli both as an ingredient and as a main. This dish eventually rose to the altar to become the state’s official dish. Today, it is still popularly consumed as a dip and as an ingredient to make other deliciously spicy dishes.

My first version of this dish was the vegetarian Spanish Chilli Bean Dip, comprised mainly of mashed kidney beans and chillies and served mainly as a dip. This version here presents the rightful mixture for a chilli and meat stew – that of the Mexican American version – comprising a lesser proportion of kidney beans and a higher proportion of meat as well as spices.

The painful experience I got out of this cooking expedition is that my hands and fingers burnt for one whole day after I chopped the jalapeno peppers with my bare hands. The next day, it took me more than half an hour just to put on my contact lenses, and not without my gloves too. Never ever underestimate the power of these small green peppers. :twisted:

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