China's eco-policies are greener than ours

This weekend while we're all focused on the Republican convention at one end of the Mississippi and Gustrav on the other, China eclipsed the US by setting a national energy policy that deserves another Gold metal. Last year they nixed 13 coal fired plants now this:

"China's legislature passed a law calling for fiscal spending, tax breaks and other measures to promote sustainable economic growth via resource conservation and pollution control... It will encourage industries to adopt water-saving technologies and use cleaner sources of energy such as natural gas and alternative fuels.

It also promotes recycling or making use of waste materials, including the recycling of maize straw, livestock waste and farming by-products to produce marsh gas.

China consumed 1.16 tonnes of coal equivalent for every 10,000 yuan of GDP in 2007, down 3.66 percent from 2006, and the government has set a 2010 target of reducing energy consumption per unit of GDP by 20 percent and emissions of major pollutants by 10 percent from 2005 levels."

The good news, China set a policy and if they are as aggressive in achieving it as they were putting the Olympics together, I can't wait to see the technology that comes forth. .

The bad news, China set a world-changing policy and not the US. They just became the world leaders in Climate Change actions, not because they accomplished it first, but simply because they took a definitive action first.

The good news, America loves to compete. Thanks for the gauntlet.


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