China's First Woman in Space

Liu Yang becomes the first female astronaut in China to launch into space. This spaceflight will have her and two other astronauts dock at the Tiangong space lab where her role is to conduct medical experiments. Already a fighter pilot she was familiar with time in the sky, this is taking her even higher!

It is a significant accomplishment, a career opportunity that took time to prepare for and hopefully it will also serve to inspire other young women in her country.  Ms. Yang put herself in the history books the minute she decided to boldly go where no ‘woman’ has gone before; at least no women from China that is. Other countries like Canada, Soviet Union, France, United States, Korea, United Kingdom and Japan all have women who completed missions in space.

It goes without saying that across this globe women play a pivotal role in professions that were previously reserved for men. There are still more women waiting to break through barriers and I hardly doubt in my lifetime we will hit a time when there isn’t a need to put the label ‘first female’ in front of something. There is so many paths to wander, things to conquer or ready to be discovered. What Liu Yang has done for the sisters in her country is to create the space to dream and that is the beginning to what can be a highly interesting and fulfilling life.


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