Chinese Baked Pork Bun (烘烤肉包子)

In my personal opinion, this was probably the most challenging dish I’ve done so far. Not only was it time-consuming; it was also physically and mentally draining, given the amount of preparations required beforehand as well as the amount of energy expended during the kneading. Take a look at the long list of ingredients to see what I mean.

Being engaged in the whole process of bun making gave me a strangely familiar feeling. The weariness at the last stage of baking emulates my refusal to sum up and conclude my dissertation. Worse, you don’t get to see what you’re going to get until the very end, which makes the whole undertaking kind of scary. You keep wondering about whether your dough will rise to the challenge, just like how I keep asking myself if my dissertation will eventually make the mark.

That’s how stressed up I am at the moment.

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