Chocolate Mint Cookies

In Australia we have a biscuit (cookie) called Mint Slice which is absolutely delicious. It's a chocolate cookie topped with a mint cream and coated in dark chocolate.  From what I've been told it's similar to the Thin Mint Cookies that the US Girl Scouts sell.

Chocolate Mint Cookies

Mint Slice is one of my fiance's all time favourite biscuits, so I wanted to try my hand at creating my own version for him.  I started with a crunchy chocolate cookie base.  One of the great things about a mint slice is the combination of textures. The base is crunchy, then it has a creamy middle and chocolate coating.  So with the base nailed down I decided to tackle the filling, and for this I went with a simple combination of icing sugar and peppermint flavouring oil.

The peppermint icing was spread over the top of the biscuit and left to set.  Once set the whole cookie was dipped in a bowl of melted dark chocolate and left to set.  The only thing that didn’t go according to plan was the fact I happened to pick two especially humid days in Brisbane to make and photograph my creations.  Melting chocolate aside, my cookies taste pretty close to the real thing.

While I’ll admit making your own Chocolate Mint Cookies at home is a little fiddly, the great thing about it, apart from knowing every single ingredient that goes into making it, is the fact you can increase or decrease the intensity of the peppermint to meet your tastes.  You could even substitute the peppermint flavouring for another flavouring essence.  I think next time I’m going to try an orange flavouring……mmmm chocolate orange!

Head to Delicieux for the Chocolate Mint Cookie recipe.



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