Chocolate in My Cabinet

I thought my house was pretty free and clear of junk (aside from the remnants of cake which my husband and kids are still snacking on) until I opened my cabinet and saw that one of my baking chocolates was not 100% cacoa.  No - it was only 60%, which of course means, it's perfectly delicious.  I was tempted, but did not give in.  

My bigger accomplishment is last night.  I went to the store to pick up sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots, spinach - healthy produce aisle items - and then I saw my new favorite drink.  It's a lemon cayenne drink with some good healthy bacteria in it (that doesn't sound like a selling point when marketed that way does it?) and it's sweet and delicious.  It's sweet because it has stevia in it.  I plopped it in my cart, walked over to eggs, and then walked back and returned it.

It wasn't chocolate and it isn't processed foods.  I'd say it's an okay thing, but then I got to thinking about that stevia and that sweet factor.  I'm one day complete with nixing this sugar bug and didn't really need to be teasing myself by drinking that.  Maybe it wouldn't trigger sugar cravings, but I thought it better to return it.  Darn.

And now it's today.  I haven't exercised yet, nor meditated.  I also went out to lunch with my husband and had a Reuben and fries.    Not clean healthy wholesome foods at all and certainly a lot of calories, but I don't think it will trigger the bad eating - at least I hope not.

Dinner tonight will be lamb ribs, beets and broccoli in a balsamic sauce.  And my afternoon snack?  Eeeek - I don't know.   Maybe an egg and spinach or an egg and broccoli - it helps having an idea of what I can make if I find myself beginning to picture that chocolate bar in the cabinet.

Oh - and the best news.  Today I woke up feeling better.  And I got more done this morning than I had in a few weeks.  Honestly, I think it's the sugar working its way out of me.  I like the darn stuff, but I'm such a healthier, happier person when I keep my foods clean.  So, now onto the afternoon and the evening and to getting my meditating and exercise worked in without too much fuss.

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