Chocolate Raspberry Heartcakes

Valentine’s Day is tommorow but the lovey-dovey recipes have been popping up in the blog world for weeks now. Well I am jumping on the bandwagon and posting one of my own today. I revived a heart-shaped pancakes mold for Christmas and well, I thought it would be the perfect inspiration for a Valentine’s Day recipe. I made these pancakes “heartcakes” the first time in December and then had to hold myself back from posting them so I could use it as my V-Day surprise for you! This is a single-serve recipe, but your could easily make two batches and share one with you Valentine…or just eat both yourself, I won’t judge. So in traditional vegan gluten-free healthy pancakes style, I give you Chocolate Raspberry Heartcakes!

Chocolate Raspberry Heartcakes

Chocolate Raspberry Heartcakes 1Ingredients: (serves 1)

+ 1/3 Cup All Purpose GF Flour (or Buckwheat)

+ 1 TB Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

+ 1/4 Tsp Baking Powder

+ 1/2 Tsp Ener-G Egg Replacer

+ 1/3 Cup Water

+ 2 TB Frozen Raspberry (broken up)

+ Heart Pancake Mold (if you don’t have one you can just make regular circles!)

+ Chocolate Sauce: 2TB Unsweetened Cocoa Powder + 3 Drops Liquid Stevia + Water (to a flowy saucy consistency)

Chocolate Raspberry Heartcakes 2


+ In a bowl, stir together the first 4 ingredients. Then add the water and stir until you have your batter.

+ Heat a lightly oiled skillet, lightly oil your heart rings, then place the ring down in the pan. Pour half the batter in the mold. Sprinkle 1 TB of the raspberries on the cake (my raspberries were nice and broken up in to their little circles so it was easy to disperse the broken bits of raspberry throughout). Once the edges look cooked and bubbles form, lightly push out the cake and flip with a spatula to cook the other side. Cook the rest of the batter using the same method.

+ For the sauce, just stir together all the ingredients, adding water until you get your desired consistency.

+ Drizzle the sauce over the cakes and top with more raspberries!

Chocolate Raspberry Heartcakes 3

Are you one of those Valentine haters? I have never had a problem with this media/marketing sensationalized holiday. It is what it is, just a reminder to express some love to your loved one(s). It reminds you to slow down and show them that even though you might not show your love everyday, you do love them through and through. But keep it simple: a bunch of flowers, a box of sweets, a simple hand-written letter, a date night, or these heartcakes. Even if it is simple, it will still be appreciated…and if not…maybe you should ditch the person ;)

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