chocolate sablés



Every time I open this book, I want to bake everything in it.




Look at its beauty! Each page has scalloped edges. 


Miette is a recipe book put out by pastry chef Meg Ray, owner of the San Francisco based pastry shop of the same name. You can learn more about them here. I look forward to visiting the shop in person. Our good friends Chris and Hannah just moved to northern California, and a road trip is in order soon. I’ll let you know if Miette truly is San Francisco’s most charming pastry shop.




For this week’s baking therapy, I chose something simple... chocolate sablés. These combine two of my favorite ingredients... sea salt and dark chocolate.






Mine look more like brownies than cookies. They have a slightly sandy texture, hence their name. Cookies, brownies, sablés... either way, my taste buds say yum.


...for more and the recipe, go to

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