Choose Your Own Routine This Summer

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[Editor's Note: The non-routine of routine can be difficult for many families. Michelle at The Parent Vortex shares the unique conundrum that homeschoolers (and as she says, "especially the unschooly kind") face during the summer months. While she struggles, she points out that the laundry can wait. And who doesn't agree with that train of thought! -Jenna]

Choose Your Own Routine:

summer epilogueIt’s not easy being free.

Homeschoolers, (especially the unschooly sort) entrepreneurs and other self-directed types have a peculiar sort of relationship with holidays, especially the culturally dictated kind. When you’re self-employed, the full responsibility of earning your living falls on your shoulders, whether or not a particular day is a holiday. Projects aren’t always able to be put on pause when it’s a sunny day. Learn Nothing Day falls on July 24th, a time when traditionally schooled kids are in the thick of their summer holidays. Unschoolers set out to learn nothing that day and most end up happily failing spectacularly.

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