Choosing to have a Magnificent Day!

Magnficiant Mile

My daughter recently performed in the opening act of Disney's Lighting of Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago.  The parade is held on a Saturday with the rehearsal for the opening number held Friday evening at 5:30 at a downtown school location.  When I found out that we needed to drive the 35 miles to downtown on a Friday evening; my eyes rolled back in my head … TRAFFIC was all I could think of. 

I decided to book a hotel room Friday evening to avoid the back and forth driving.  So, Friday we hopped into our car at 4:00 pm and started the drive, which was really a crawl to downtown Chicago.  At 5:20, I dropped her off at the school for their rehearsal.  It then took 20 minutes to drive the one mile to the hotel which was located on Michigan Avenue (Magnificent Mile).   Can you feel my frustration with traffic yet!

Not wanting to pay the hotel valet cost for my car, I parked in a nearby garage and hauled bags, including costumes back to the hotel.  Why I ever thought that my days of a being a pack mule would end with the retirement of the diaper bag was beyond me as I was walking along.

I had already decided that it would be quicker for me to walk back to get my daughter after rehearsal was over than to drive.  I hauled all our bags up to our room, put everything on the bed and realized I needed to start walking back.  I sighed looking at the inviting chair overlooking the skyline.  How nice to would be just to sit for a bit; but that was out of the question. 

Leaving the room, I put my hand on the door handle and right above it etched in the handle it said 'Have a Magnificent Day'.  I laughed to myself at where these little reminders pop up that I'm focused on the busyness of my life; instead of slowing down.  Here I am, at one of the top hotels in one of the top cities in the United States.  With a deep breath to slow myself down and out loud saying 'Thank You to the Big Guy for the reminder' … I headed out the door.

Walking down Magnificent Mile was magical with all of stores dressed up for Christmas.  I arrived at the rehearsal just as my daughter was ready to go.  My daughter was absolutely jazzed because the opening band rehearsed with her and others from her dance studio.  I told her of my decision for us to walk back and she was thrilled.

We walked, dined and window shopped our way back to the hotel.  We have a fabulous evening as we enjoyed the sites of Michigan Avenue and kept pointing to this or that as we discussed what we wanted Santa to bring us this year.

I was so grateful for the reminder to be present.  Instead of rushing back to the hotel, grumbling about traffic and all the activities of the next day; we had a memorable evening.  As we were getting ready for bed, we were gazing out the window at the beauty of the skyline lights.  My daughter turned and said 'Isn't it beautiful?'  Yes, on so many different levels the evening was beautiful.

Have a Magnificent Day!

Debbi Dickinson

Founder|Stepping Into Joy, LLC

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