Choosing A Magazine Subscription Agency? Tread Carefully

Are you looking to subscribe to magazines easily and inexpensively? Many websites offer magazine subscription deals. You'll find a wide range of titles - all for very low prices.  Whatever type of magazine you may want - from entertainment, politics, health, news, fashion, real estate, travel - you can get it from a single site.

The best thing with magazine subscription deals is that it’s easy to subscribe. Just visit the website, fill out a form and click "submit." There are many agencies offering this service, but not all are legitimate. The scam sites will tell you of how to subscribe and run away with your money. That’s why is important to take your time and review several agencies.

Here are some things to consider before signing up with an agency:

  • What is the name of the company? If you are approached by someone offering magazine subscriptions, make sure the salesman identifies the company he represents. After giving you the name of the company, investigate it online. You may discover the company doesn't really exist and you are being scammed.
  • What are you required to provide? If any agency asks for bank account or credit card information, don't supply it until you know that you're dealing with a reputable company. No legitimate company will call you and ask right away for bank details.
  • Were you invited to subscribe? Some agencies will invite people by mail in an effort to reach as many customers as possible. But if you are offered the chance to win a huge prize, chances are the solicitation is a scam. They will give you false information to manipulate you.
  • Does the agency have a good reputation? Governments don't approve or disapprove magazine agencies, but they do investigate fraud. Check with government regulators to make sure no investigation has been opened. Also, there  are private organizations that monitor for fraudulent behavior. The Better Business Bureau in the United States, for example, is a good place to check.

There are however legitimate companies with real magazine subscription deals and their discounts are very real. By following these tips, you'll find a reputable agency and be able to enjoy your favorite magazines at very little cost.

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