Choosing Sides: Facebook vs. Twitter

I must admit, I’m slow to adopt all of the crazy new technology that’s out there.  I still have a PC, I’ve only had a smart phone for less than a year, and the iPod my husband bought for me as an anniversary gift was never used, so he sold it on eBay a year later.  I don’t let my 2-year old play games on my phone – yet – but I did download a Thomas the Train app just in case I find myself in a tense predicament one day.

I joined the world on Facebook a few years ago and it had me in its clutches for a good 6 months.  I still like it, but it doesn’t monopolize my time nearly as much as it used to.  When I became a mom I started using Facebook primarily as a backup photo album.  I never have, and never will, use Facebook as a soap box for political rants or people bashing.  A lot of folks do, and those are the ones I promptly cut loose.  It seems weird to get all wound up and loud-mouthed on the same site that holds precious memories of my firstborn.  So I choose to stay mellow on the Facebook front.

I swore I’d never join Twitter.  Never.  Ever.  I envisioned Twitter to be a shallow, celebrity-centric site on which everyone posted pseudo glamour shots of themselves every five minutes.  Did I really care what the celeb-of-the-moment was thinking every 47 seconds?  Nope.  Twitter wasn’t for me.  End of story.

When I started my blog 6 months ago I began looking at both of these social media tools in a new light.  It took me a very short time to realize that hundreds of people weren’t automatically going to stumble upon my brand new parenting blog.  So, sweating bullets, I linked my blog to my Facebook account, exposing several hundred “friends” to my personal thoughts and experiences.  Scary as it was, I started getting more and more hits and even some positive feedback.   A few months later I poo-pooed on everything I said before and linked my blog to a newly created Twitter page.  And I realized that Twitter is only as shallow as you want it to be.  I follow a few celebrities, but mainly I choose to interact with people, places, and entities that relate to me, my family, and my blog subject matter.  And I LOVE it. 

I am a reformed Twitter basher who actually now prefers Twitter over Facebook.  Both of them serve different purposes in my personal and blogging lives, but I’m drawn more to the succinct nature of Twitter.  I feel that Facebook, particularly since its IPO, inundates me with so much fluff that it’s almost bothersome to filter through it and find the content that I’m seeking.   I know that 1.5 million people have “liked” the picture of the kitty cat that so desperately needs to be adopted, but maybe I don’t feel like jumping on that bandwagon today.  And yes, I know I can adjust my settings and filters to eliminate some of that propaganda, but should I really HAVE to? 

The bottom line – social media isn’t going away any time soon.  So I’m learning to embrace it for what it’s worth, and I try my best to use it in the most effective ways possible.  That requires navigating through some junk here and there, but I guess that’s part of the deal.  I can be completely honest when I say that my blog wouldn’t have gotten a second glance without Facebook, and now Twitter, so I’m grateful for that.

Now there’s also this thing called Pinterest...  Do I dare?  Not yet…  :)


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