Choosing Teams for the Game of Life

I want to live a life that is a balance of believing, doing and loving. I want a little wonder with my reality.

 I am learning that I don’t need to understand everything. Accepting the unexplainable might even be enlightening.

 Moving on doesn’t mean I haven’t acknowledged what happened. It’s just another form of action, without a bullhorn.

 There may be a higher power who helps guide us in our journey. And she might even know my name.

 Maybe, just maybe, blind faith is more about faith than about lack of vision.

 Life doesn’t have to be a never-ending do-it-yourself project.

 Being a rabble rouser may be exciting, but it’s not always productive.

 Standing in the light is much more fun with company.

 The laundry doesn’t really matter, nor do the dishes, or the dirty windows. Being present matters.

 Slow might actually be the way to go. And it might allow me to get to my destination faster, with a few more friends by my side.

 Awe, the experiences that have stunned me into silence—holding my newborn daughters, the northern California coast, the High Sierra mountains, sitting with a poor mother in India who can’t feed her children today, but believes she can make a better life for them tomorrow—those are the most powerful moments that can move us to act. I believe in awe. Both the stunning silence and the action that follows.

 Success isn’t always about what I’ve produced. Perhaps success won’t ever be about what I’ve produced. It might be simply that I am alive, I am trying, and I am loving as fiercely as I can.

While never an athlete, I have always been a collaborator and think of myself as a team player. It’s time for me to reshape my team, and certainly my position. My hybrid team name will be Team Happen To Be Me. And I will absolutely make that work.





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