Chose the Way you want to Save

Chose the Way you Want To Save

It’s time to revisit how we save I want to go over the kinds of way we save through couponing and the different couponing saving sources on my couponing sources page.

If you are new to couponing some of these sources might see very much a like they are however very different.   I know most people are very familiar with some of the sources a few are found in our weekly Sunday paper. So here is the list available on the couponing sources page and the benefits of all of them so you can choose which is right for you.

 Coupons.comThe original source for manufactured coupons they change on a weekly basics.  Check back often for reloaded coupons. Reloaded just means that a manufacture limits how many prints a coupon is given to keep track of how many consumers are interested and then they reload.

 Savings Star:  If you have a loyalty card say CVS, Kroger there is a large list on the site simply make an account sign up and add your loyalty card. View offers from your store add them to your account and they are instantly added to your store account so when you go to the store you just hand over your card and your offers and coupons are ready to use at checkout.

 Hopster:  Why settle for .50 off use Hopster to boost your coupon $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 you choose how much to apply to the value of your coupon by the things you do online and on hopster.  You don’t have to boost the site also have high value coupons ready to print.

 Amazon Coupons: Coupons that are used online during your Amazon Check out just click and save  for use at check out.

 Kellogg’s Family Rewards Coupons:  Sign up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards and when you do you can log onto the site for high valued Kellogg's coupons from the family of Kellogg's like pop tarts, toaster, and of course so many cereals.  You also receive a weekly newsletter with additional coupon and codes to unlock even more. Kellogg’s does a great job of making these exclusive to their subscribers you can’t find these in print or on line anywhere else and sign up is free.

 Red Plum:  Missed your Sunday Newspaper then you can find them here and many more not included in your weekly inserts.

 Target/cartwheel:   Get coupons for use in target and online from food to clothes even electronics you have percentages off as well as dollar amount available and remember target allows stacking so you can use more than one kind of coupon for your items. Remember also these can be used as printouts or digital downloads right into your cell phone.

 Wal-Mart: Print out coupons to use at your local Wal-mart and other stores just read careful some are for use only at Wal-mart others say can be use or redeemed this mean they can be used in other stores as well.

All you Magazine: A great a source for high valued coupons each month and wonderful recipes and savings tips from pros to beginners we can all benefit from this great source this magazine comes in both paperback and digital download perfect for any saver.

Checkout 51: A fast way to save with or without a Smart phone use it as a saving  account and cash out when you need it.  Offers are changed weekly every Wednesday Evening so make sure you check back for added coupons you have make your purchases and send in a photo or upload your photo of your receipt before the offer expires on Wednesdays.  What I do is shop as I normally do using coupons from my others sources, then  I check my receipt against the offers if I have one listed I send it in.

Codes:   Exclusive online Codes and Deals you can use them online and in store search for the deal you want on the product in any store your want. 

Muscle and Strength over 150 coupons for health needs this is an awesome site filled with freebies not just coupons for the supplements and vitamins being sold it has great advice on fitness and free instructional videos to get you started in a healthy life style.

 Please keep in mind that all of these resources are free remember never pay for what you can get free. For coupon policies for these and other stores listed here visit the store policy page.

For ways to use these coupons and get the most out of your savings visit the coupon match-up page has six new coupon matches added daily so you can see where the best deals are and how to use coupons, loyalty cards and you can always find freebies here so check back daily to find your deals. For more tips and coupons visit

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