Christian Louboutin says His Heels SHOULD be Painful

It really is no suprise, I mean look at the hight of these shoes:

'I am concerned with comfort, but I don't want this evoked in my design': Louboutin defends his 'heels are pain' comment at today's unveiling Dita Von Teese is the stunning holgraphic centrepiece of a newly opened Christian Louboutin exhibition celebrating 20 years of the famous red-soled footwear brand at the Design Museum, London

Heels should be painful? These look like they'd fit the bill! Louboutin ballet pumps on show at the retrospectiveSky high heels


He calls them: ‘please with pain’ Quoting: ‘ I am concerned with comfort. I know that it’s important but I don’t want to have this evoked in my design.

Would you wear something that is hurting you constantly, which is causing you true physical pain? Simple because… what? If you take off your shoes at the end of the day with a sigh of relief, then that is an indicator that your shoes are not right for you: they are not providing you with comfort and protection to walk on this Earth. So there are other motives at play here.

There are a number of reasons why woman wear high heels (however, they shouldn’t be so high that they criple your feet :S):

- being taller (“Height, after all, is a relative phenomenon. It may be advantageous to be taller than others, or at least not to be several inches shorter. But when all wear shoes that make them several inches taller, the relative height distribution is unaffected, so no one appears taller than if all had worn flat heels.”) - force the back to arch, pushint the bosom forward and buttocks rearward, accentuating the female form. (Yet this advantage cancels out when a lot of woman wear high heels) ==> thus deriving confidence from it, power, or because of vanity reasons (it’s pretty) and desire to attract the opposit sex with looks (it’s sexy).

Because if you would just like the design, you could hang a shoe on your purse and stare at it all day…

Why do women allow a fashion industry to have so much power over their lives, over their body and mind. Why do we obey to rules that tell us how we should dress to be desired, hot or sexy. As if you need those attributes to attract others to find you hot, or have some kind of “positive” thought about you, which you use to derive your self-confidence from. How much money do we spend to pretend to be someone. Some of those shoes, like Louboutin’s, cost 800 dollar. And some have clousets of those shoes. Really shows us our priorities doesn’t it… Not to mention the doctor costs when you have truly fucked up your feet.

Do woman really need to put themself in pain, and discomfort, for the attention and praise of men? There is something inherently fucked up about that. I mean if a man  is after you for the way you walk and stand in heels… really, is that the kinda man you are looking for?

BUT! a Study by the Telegraph has revealed that “men cannot even tell if a woman is wearing high heels when they walk.” There goes all the effort! All those years of agony for nothing. Another reason is competition amongst females. Wanting to beat other girls, being more pretty or sexier than other girls, being more noticed. Even outside of the context of a relationship or sex. Just that high you get when you realize you are the prettiest girl in the room. You just beat your competition. And when that’s not the case, be envious and buy some more stuff so that next time you can beat your rival.

The New York Times did a study around this as well: Why we love shoes that hurt us

But today’s extreme fashions may have more to do with expressing power and control — control over one’s own body, and the power to use one’s body to draw the gaze of others.

Ok well, that is called vanity, needing others to derive your confidence from. Which is not real in the first place because it solely depends on how others pay attention to you.

Women are wearing high heels to “flaunt it while we have it” and suffering the consequences later.  In brute defiance of reality, we wear heels we can barely walk in and much like sitting in the sun bathed in oil to get a darker tan or smoking so as not to eat and get fat, we suffer the consequences.  But somehow the consequences are too far out to care about.

Same shit here.


But there are dangers connected to wearing high heels:

-High heels are uncomfortable and make walking more difficult -Prolonged use can injure the feet, knees and back - increase in the number of high-heel wearing patients that require bunion operations, callus and corn removals, and consults on generalized foot pain -lower back problems -sore neck and shoulders -studies have found women who live in heels eventually can’t wear flats.  Research shows that years in high heels causes the Achilles tendon to shorten, making it too short for flats It is really ignorant of us to ignore our human body, and again choose our minds over our physical. We torture our human body for the sake of deriving confidence, power or attraction from others. Such a shame, and really sad that we allow this as living beings. We make life a race, a competition, a constant search for approval and praise. Our ego’s seem to matter more than anything. We make ourselves inferior, acting and thinking that we require others praise and approval of our appearance to feel good about ourselves, or to feel “like a woman”.

If you still want to wear heels, then make sure they are not so high, and that you regularly switch them off with flats. And if you have strong reactions to the thought of not wearing any high heels, I would investigate where that strong reaction is comming from. Because something within your mind has triggered it, raising your emotional state as if “danger” is on it’s way. So what exactly is it, that you are fearing?






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