Christian Teens and SEX ... Before Marriage.

Christians and SEX are not usually in the same sentence, unless of
course they are married! But what about Christians who are not married?
I am specifically referring to teenage or young adult Christians who
are still living the single life. Christians have very DEFINITE
opinions about sex or the lack there of!
I was involved in a
conversation the other day and this came up, so I figured I would bring
it to the blogosphere and let you guys have a crack at it!

Christians, (or the majority of them) when it comes to teens and sex
the consensus is just DON'T DO IT! Christians believe in abstinence,
plain and simple. No sex before marriage, no way, no how! And that
sounds great ... and in a perfect world it would obviously work. BUT
today, in 2009, with the generation that wants everything Bigger,
Better, and Faster and not now but RIGHT NOW how do we get the point
across that the unmarried should be waiting for marriage to give up the
goods? Communication is key. Do you communicate with your children?

some parents don't even discuss sex with their children. So the
children are pretty much left to their own wiles. The parents may give
children the sex talk (basically DON'T DO IT!!) and the biblical basics
(if even that much) and then that is it. No sex IS the safest sex! If
the teens get the urge they are often told to pray about it. This is
the just do what I say method of parenting.

we have the parents who give their children the sex talk, the bible
talk, and then give their children the contraceptive talk. They may
even go as far as to give their teen(s) contraceptives. These parents
seem to think that children once told what can and can't happen or what
to do and not to do that their child may perhaps go on out there and
try it out anyway. If teens get the urge they are often told if you
must do it at least protect yourself. This is the better safe than sorry method of parenting.

you may think, whatever they each have their own way of parenting and
dealing with their kids. That is their business. Yes, this is true but
these two factions of parents often clash judgmentally.
One group
thinks that the "Better safe then sorry" group is endorsing,
permitting, giving the OK to have sex by giving the child
contraceptives or instructing them how to use contraceptives.
other group thinks that the "Just do what I say" group is not preparing
their child for life in the real world. Thinking that by not giving
them all of the information they are not properly preparing them for
life and in essence opening the door to unwanted pregnancies and

This is not just an issue for Christian parents. All
parents probably have the same discussions, it just always seem more
heated when Christians debate it!! Being a parent of 5 children (3
girls & 2 boys) this conversation between the two groups always
interests me. Then there are the parents who think there is nothing
wrong at all with teens having sex ... If that is your group, then this
post really does not pertain to you!
So what about you? Any thoughts on this topic? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


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