Christian Weight Loss Support Group Blog Lesson #1 Encouragement to Change

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Deciding to Change, the First Victory Step to Success

You were created for a reason. As a Christian woman of God you are an ambassador for Jesus Christ here on the Earth. What does this have to do with weight loss? I’ll tell you. It is God’s will for you to be in divine health so you can live an abundant life through Jesus Christ our Savior. It is very clear that excess weight on your body will put you at risk for conditions like…


High blood pressure

High cholesterol

Sleep apnea




Heart disease

Heart attack

Back Pain


…to name a few. How can we be an effective witness for God, if we are busy wrestling with these health issues that make us look and feel totally defeated? I believe that God wants us to be free from illness and disease. The best way to optimize our health is to put our vices aside and take what I call “Victory Steps” toward making healthy living our personal style.

In order to make healthy living our personal style, we must first make the decision to change. Once we make up in our minds that we are completely done with…

Beating up on ourselves

Being tired and depressed

Joining health clubs and never going

Buying diet pills for fast results

Trying weight loss fad diets

Having a hard time finding nice clothes

Buying exercise gizmos that don’t work

Considering weight loss surgery

Thinking about throwing the food back up

Comparing our bodies to other people

Setting a poor example for the kids

Thinking we’re meant to be fat

Dreading getting on the scale

Losing weight and gaining it back

… I could go on and on. You get the point. Once you DECIDE that you’re DONE with the negative impact that excess fat is having on your life, then you can take Victory Steps towards manifesting the change you want to see in yourself. Have you decided that you’re ready for a change? Great, read on.

You are way too important, too precious and too valuable as a child of God to live your life in a state of depression, defeat and despair all because you’re overweight. It’s time to get up, dust yourself off and lose this weight AGAIN, lose it FOR GOOD this time, and do it as if it were the FIRST TIME you ever TRIED.



Read and WRITE DOWN the following scriptures from the bible…

Psalm 139:14

James 2:17

2Corinthians 5:20

…Then write down what these scriptures mean to you, and how they apply to your everyday walk with God. Memorize these scriptures so you’ll know them in your heart, and can recall them in times of trouble. Do this and it will be a blessing in your life.

Next. You should write down in your journal the EXACT reasons WHY you have DECIDED TO CHANGE, because deciding to change is the very first Victory Step towards success. As you write down every single reason WHY you want to LOSE WEIGHT I want you to remember these reasons every time you are tempted to eat unhealthy food, skip a workout or dismiss daily meditation and prayer.

We have a lot of work to do. But this is a very good start. I have FAITH IN YOU. Allow me to continue to give you the tips and prayer that helped me NATURALLY LOSE OVER 100 POUNDS, listen to the audio message that inspired this blog and sign up for my free eMagazine at Thank you. God bless you.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bonnie Mechelle is the author of the best seller: Overcome Compulsive Overeating... Now, and the executive producer of The Healthtopia Radio Show in Atlanta, Georgia. She has lost over 120 pounds naturally on her own and now empowers women who struggle with weight gain, divorce, single motherhood, eating disorders, chronic illness and clinical depression. See her latest movie, The Inner Weigh and subscribe to her Christian Women's e-Magazine at If you’re ready for one-to-one faith-based weight loss coaching, get started at


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