Christine Candelaria

Freelance Writer, Producer

Christine is a freelance writer, producer and on-camera talent who loves telling stories through video (and her blog if she ever finds the time). She lives in Santa Cruz, California where the motto is "Keep Santa Cruz Weird." She is doing her part by homeschooling, raising her family vegetarian, and all without a TV! Christine’s work includes producing her own NBC Universal / iVillage cooking show and marketing travel locations through creating digital content that enhances the travel experience for families. She was selected in a nationwide search to become one of twelve “iVoices for iVillage” in 2010 and her digital clients have received “Best of” awards for her marketing strategies, video content and production skills. From shooting video on her smart phone to directing a crew, Christine has one bit of advice: speak up, don’t babble, dab that oily forehead and look straight into the camera!