Christmas Cactus

‘Tis the Season for Christmas Cacti

Christmas cacti are a very unusual gift if you think about it. A tropical, spiky plant normally does not conjure up ideas of reindeer or Santa Claus. However, for some reason, they caught on. These plants

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

are commonly given as Christmas gifts intended to be interesting house plants. If you are the recipient of such a unique gift, how in the world do you keep it alive?

Well, first off, a Christmas cactus is tropical, so you will need some humidity in your home. Start up your humidifier near the plant or leave containers of water near the plant, so that the evaporation of the water will create humidity for your cactus. As for watering the plant, avoid adding too much water. This can cause mold and hurt your plant. Do not water too infrequently either, since obviously your cactus will need some water to survive. Usually the plants only need water once a week, however in the winter they should be watered less often so that flowers will develop.

Make sure the cactus is in a sunny spot in your home and that the temperature does not drop below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Periodically add houseplant fertilizer to ensure that the cactus is absorbing the correct nutrients. Stop fertilizer use when flower buds begin appearing. Prune the plant as needed, and avoid getting poked by the thorns! If properly cared for, Christmas cacti can live for many years, so if you have a green thumb, expect to have a lifelong plant companion.

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