Christmas Is Coming And My Butt Is Getting Fat!

This is not really my butt....As if you thought is was...LOL...Well I hope not anyway


As some of you may know I have been really getting into the recipes lately.  I’ve been posting a lot of recipes like SINnamon Buns, Lusty Cheesecake Truffles and Bird Turds AND I have been eating them ALL as I go…resulting in a tighter waistband and buttocks expansion. 

 But you know what?

I really don’t give a rat’s patootie (or my own expanding patootie for that matter) and I’ll tell you why……

 I have come to realize that life isn’t just about looking your most fantabulous ALL the time  AND  it shouldn’t be about constant struggles with one’s self image. 

Have you looked around?  Most of us don’t have six packs people! Why are we constantly beating ourselves up?

I enjoy walking my dog, playing with my kids, and EATING (there are LOTS of foods that are yummy AND delicious that don’t end in the word “bun”) and I don’t get  upset because I ate 30 calories more than I should have …. poooie.

Now I’m not saying you should eat 5 icecream sundaes in one day or (eat ALL of your blog recipes in a week…aaahemm…blush).   What I’m saying is that along with “taking care of yourself”  you should also “TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF”.  What this means to me is enjoying every moment you can -- laugh, EAT, play and most importantly love.  And, I’m sorry, but no matter how many times that most popular tv show about extreme weight loss (you know the one I’m talking about ) keeps telling us that “Food is not Love” I roll my eyes each time….  Of course they’ll say that!  They’re trying to guilt you into buying a Britta Water Filter and a years supply of Ziploc Bags. By the way really think about that...hmmmm...they say they want you to save the planet from plastic bottles (which are recyclable) but encourage you to use plastic bags (which are not - not that I'm aware of anyway).....Anyway BACK to the subject at hand....


Food IS a form and a part of Love …. Period!

It started the moment your mother offered you her breast, continued when your father bought you an ice cream cone after baseball practice and it always ends up at your family’s table at Thanksgiving.  When someone you care about is sad you offer them a cup of tea or coffee and when the kids come home from school you kiss them and hand them a snack. 

AND just to cheer you up….go grab yourself a glass of milk and a cookie (chocolate is good) and watch this video.  It represents to me the fun I plan to have in the here and now;  fat butt and all.

Wishing you a happy holiday season!


Cathy writes about her "Adventures of a Hobby Farmer" and cooks up some award winning grub at


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