Christmas Decorating Lite

Not to sound grumpy, but I am just a little tired of doing ALL the Christmas decorating. In truth, I set myself up for this predicament. In general I consider myself a careful person. I'm the type who holds a precious ornament in one hand while my other hand rests underneath for safekeeping. So, it goes without saying that I have a set of rules for decorating. More than once my husband has called me a grinch about my decorating habits.

In my defense I/we have broken only a few ornaments. I still fret over these breakages: a Hallmark antique fire engine with a microscopically small ladder, which my then 3-year-old pulled off and broke; a Winnie the Pooh book ornament with a broken hinge; and a Angel tree topper. Well, the angel tree topper was hideous, so I don't miss it but the other ornaments are sorely missed.

My rules are simple:

  • All ornaments that come in a box are replaced in the same box wrapped in the same specifically sized bubble wrap. I recall coming home to a living room floor littered with boxes and bubble wrap about to be stomped on by a 2-year-old. It took me hours to reunite ornament with box and calm down.
  • Ornaments are stored in boxes with like ornaments, for instance, all of the Madame Alexander ornaments are in a storage box while the Winnie the Pooh and baby ornaments are in another labelled box. This is why our entire Star Trekcollection of ornaments is either on the tree or not. Is it me or is Star Trek distinctly non-Christmassy?
  • Ornament boxes are never left on the floor. The ornament is selected, removed from the box, placed on the tree, and the box is replaced in the storage box.

This year it seems that my family is on strike. My husband has not hung a single ornament, ditto for my 12-year-old. My 5-year-old's enthusiasm is in disproportion to the fragileness of the ornament. We've had a few close shaves. My 10-year-old sincerely wants to help, but activities and homework seem to get in the way. Tonight by hook or by crook I will make sure she displays the Charlie Borwn snow scene...complete with Linus' tree.

So, as I lament my family's lack of enthusiasm and offfers to help, I can take comfort that I will be able to pass down an almost completely intact collection of ornaments. 


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