A Family Christmas Box

My sister Cher and I were brainstorming about Christmas gifts for our children and grandchildren. The truth is...the older we get, the more family we have! So, obviously, the list gets longer. We used to do "boxes" for our daughters. Placemats, cologne, candles....etc. Then, there were the granddchildren, sons or son in laws.

We decided to do a "family" box.

Here is our list, so far:




family games that they can all play together


Bath and Body handsoap for all bathrooms

bags of candy

candy canes


hot chocolate

homemade cookies and/or cakes

bags of Betty Crocker cookie mixes

McDonald coupons

a family movie

facecloths and/or handtowels

a family cookbook

a wood sign they can hang up with their last name on it, a phrase about family or the love of God

a birdhouse with a feeder and birdseed

a large bottle of bubble bath

a special ornament with the year engraved

throws for watching t.v. in the family room

a family Bible

if they are a baseball family, caps for all of them that match

football? banners of their favorite teams

pajama bottoms and tee shirts

fleece scarves

gloves or mittens

Can you think of anything else?




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