Christmas Giveaway for Moms!

Need help incorporating theology into the task of motherhood this Christmas season? Then check out blogger Amanda White’s new e-book, Truth in the Tinself: an Advent Experience for Little HandsThe book functions as a craft -guided Advent adventure for preschool and early-school age children. Each day enters into the Christmas story with:

  • clue to insert into an advent calendar (children view 24 prinatble picture and word clues)
  • Scripture passage (children listen for the clue in the passage)
  • an ornament (children create a visual image or representation of the Scripture passage)
  • talk (children are challenged to apply the passage/Christmas story element to their lives). 

At Hive Resources, we liked ‘Truth in the Tinsel’ because it is a worship-driven celebration of Christmas on a level a child can process and participate. As the author writes in her introduction: “The little Baby is no longer in the manger, but alive and sitting on a throne.” How can a mom resist making the Scripture spring to life for her children – especially when all the talking points, templates, and printables are included in the book!

So, we’re giving away a FREE copy of “Truth in the Tinsel” to one lucky Hive Resources reader. To enter to win, simply ‘like’ Hive Resources on FacebookThen come back and tell us you did so! Non-facebook users simply leave a comment.  If you already ‘like’ Hive Resources, consider sharing this article on Facebook or twitter. Giveaway ends at midnight, Wednesday, Nov. 30 , because we know you’ll want to start your Advent Experience on Dec.1!

Want to find out more? We caught up with Amanda recently, and asked her opinion about how theology, motherhood, and Christmas all meet up.

Hive Resources: As a former children’s minister, how important is theology in a child’s life?

Amanda White: When I was in Bible College and taking all those Bible and theology classes, I’d get aggravated because I felt like it was so nit-picky. Like how detailed do we have to be about the Bible?! But the more I learned (and probably the more I grew up), the more I realized how important it was to know, really know what I believed about God and the Bible. You can’t depend on your theology to come from stuff you read in a novel or heard in an old hymn.

Hive Resources: How crucial is theology in a mom’s life?

Amanda White: It’s just as crucial for a mom. As a mother, I’m asked questions that Bible College students ask. I am dealing with problems that most pastors never have to deal with! Raising and nurturing a child to follow Jesus is a big test of what YOU actually believe about God and His Word. We can only lead our children as far as we’ve gone, so I want to know and experience God as much as I can, so I can lead my children there!

Hive Resources: As a mom, what is the biggest hurdle a mother faces in instilling God’s Word in her children?

Amanda WhiteThere are so many obstacles. One of my big ones is time. I don’t have time, don’t want to make time, or don’t want to spend the time cleaning up when we’re done! I have to learn to budget and prioritize my time so I can do THE most important thing–teach my kids about God. Another hurdle I hear from a lot of moms who read my blog is exactly what you’re talking about here–not knowing what to do. How do you teach theology? How can you tell kids about salvation? When is too early? Too late? Moms buckle under the pressure and then sadly, do nothing.

Hive Resources: How early should and can a mom begin introducing her child to theology?

Amanda WhiteWhen do you introduce love? Language? Family? The question is not WHEN, it’s HOW? McDonald’s has it figured out–they have a Happy Meal for kids that includes a hamburger, fries and a Coke. Just in smaller portions than what the normal adult orders. Not only that, they wrap it up in a cute package and add a fun toy. This is what we must do as mothers—we teach theology (which is really just the study of God or an easier way to say it, the knowing of God) in KID SIZED portions. That means at first it’s all through attention, love, nurture. Later it comes through Bible stories, discipline and fun Bible-based activities. When they are older you’ll be able to tackle their questions, their fears and their doubts. We need to teach our kids the same Word, just in bite-sized pieces.

Hive Resources: What are some practical ways your book equips mothers to teach their children Scripture?

Amanda WhiteIn my Advent book, the main way we learn God’s Word is two-fold: hearing and experiencing. We read a passage of Scripture every day–and since it’s the Christmas Story, we may read the same passage for 4 or 5 days in a row! Then we make an ornament craft for each person or event in the story. When children can sit and use their hands after listening to God’s Word, it’s almost like a kid-friendly meditation! Kids internalize by doing and experiencing. The more senses we can engage, the more they will ingest. Listening, seeing, touching, talking (and sometimes smelling!) are all included in Truth in the Tinsel!

Hive Resources: In your book you delve into some big topics that theologians have been debating for centuries (prophecy, the kingdom, and worship). How does your book give moms the tools to help kids digest the significance of these deeper topics?

Amanda WhiteAgain, I think it’s the bite-sized pieces. One of my favorite chapters of the book is Day 16 when we talk about the Swaddling Clothes. I encourage parents to talk to their kids about those cloths. Why do you think God put that in the Bible? Swaddling clothes isn’t anything new. All babies were swaddled then. I swaddled my own kids! Then I turn them to the story of Jesus’ death where the Bible again mentions Jesus being wrapped in strips of cloth. Now, the Bible doesn’t say (so I’m not trying to argue from silence!) but why do you think those two seemingly odd details are mentioned? Is it possible God wants to remind us, even at Jesus’ birth that his reason for being born was to die for us? See how easy that was? By pointing kids to something as simple as baby blankets, we’ve turned the conversation to theology!

Amanda White is the author of the new e-book, Truth in the Tinself: an Advent Experience for Little Hands. She is a stay-at-home mom of two who blogs at OhAmanda and Impress Your Kids. In her former life, Amanda was a Children’s Pastor — overseeing, organizing and developing ministry for kids in nursery through middle school, but now that she is a mom, her “skills” are used up on her kids!

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