Christmas Gluttony?

It seems that as the kids get older, the presents they want get smaller and smaller, but the price keeps going up! Of course, most of what my kids want is technology based. They want iPods and computers, video games and game consoles, etc...My problem is this- If I give them what they want now, knowing that they're still too young to really appreciate it, what the heck am I going to give them next year? Or the year after that? Or when they're teenagers?


My friends' kids have cell phones and iPod Nano's (I know one 6 year old who is getting an iPod Touch for her 7th birthday,), DSi's and laptops. And most of them are younger than my oldest child, who is 9. My kids have a hand me down computer that is actually kind of crappy, no cell phones, an iPod Shuffle (only because their dad won it at his company Christmas party), and regular old DS's. It's not because we can't afford to buy them the newest, and best technology. It's because we don't think they're old enough, or responsible enough to handle it. It seems crazy to me to give a child in first grade a $300 iPod, which he/she will more than likely lose or abuser.  Is anybody with me on this? 


So this year, we have decided to go with one big technology gift for each child. My oldest is going to get an Android based Tablet for $149. He will be able to surf the web, play games, and write email in any wi-fi enabled setting. He will also be able to download books and use it as an eReader. My 7 year old is going to get a DSi XL. It's a newer, bigger version of the one he already has (which still works perfectly fine), and it has a camera, which he will love! The good news is that it still uses all of the same games as the regular DS. 


The other gifts that they will get for Christmas are more along the lines of games, books, small toys and clothes. That's the kind of stuff I got as a kid, and I don't think I turned out too bad! I don't think they're missing out by not having the technology that their friends may be getting this year! I think they will just appreciate it that much more when they've earned the right to have those things. 

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