Christmas McMuffin

Some people wake up on Christmas morning to the smells of a giant Christmas bruch. Other's make homemade cinnamon buns straight from the oven.  Other probably starve themselves until the turkey is ready.  I get out of bed, accessorize my pj's with slippers, a ball cap and a blanket, roll out to the car and head to McDonald's.  It's my favourite Christmas tradition.  (Well, almost).

Christmas might be a stressful time for kids with step-parents, but our seems to have figured things out.  Each Christmas Eve and Christmas morning they are at their mom's.  They do stockings and presents and turkey dinner.  Then they head over to our place after lunch and we do it it all again.  Two Christmases for in the space and time  of one.  In this most magical of times we actually break the space/time continuum.  Each year we even ask if they want something other than turkey.  Even Vegan Girl loudly dissents.  (And she doesn't even eat it--just the veggies and whatever other vegan specials G. makes).  It's the tradition of the thing.

So while most everyone else is finally relaxing with stomachs full of turkey and other delicious delectables, we'll just be getting started.  But in the meantime, I'm chowing down on an Egg McMuffin, complete with cheese, bacon and the accompanying hashbrown.   And I'm pouring some Bailey's in my McDonald's latte.  And then I'm going to watch some cheesy television and maybe peruse Cosmo's bedside astrologer. 

Hope you enjoy your traditions as much as I enjoy mine!


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