The Christmas Pillow

I Love the Graphics Fairy! She's got some of the most wonderful graphics! And so well organized and catagorized it makes searching fun!

So while I was on her site, I found the cutest little couple of angels. They're on a blue background in the snow. I just had to make a pillow with these two for my upcoming Craft Fair.

What to do. I've copied her images before onto muslin and they turned out quite well. This time i used a very light fabric...feels almost like silk, but it's not. It's just some really soft cotton from a pillow. (This was some leftover fabric I had from a recent pillow disection. I used the stuffing and kept the shell. This was it. )

So I used my temp adhessive and glued my copy paper to the back of the fabric, cut the fabric to fit the paper and sent it through my printer. After the image was dry, I ironed it thinking it would help to set the ink. I don't know why but it lightened the image a bit. (This did not happen when i used the muslin)

I then sewed a dark blue 1/4 inch ribbon around the edge to frame the picture, then used some piping I had made from blue satin ribbon and cotton cord, and framed the photo again. Then I sewed it onto the blue fabric I had chosen for the pillow. I edged it with 2" wide cotton lace and edged the pillow again with satin piping. I sewed the pillow pieces, right sides together, and left an opening about 6" wide at the bottom for stuffing.

Using the stuffing from another second-hand-store find, I stuffed this new pillow to just the right amount of firmness (or "hugginess" as my grandkids call it) and then stitched the bottom closed.

Turned out beautiful. I'm sure it will be worth a few raffle tickets at the upcoming sale.

Wish me luck!

Happy Hobbies!


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