Christmas Sucks!

Ok, so I wanted to wait till everyone had come down from the excitement of Christmas to post this.  Christmas sucks without children.  At least it sucks for me and my family.  I know people will think I’m being negative or throwing a pity party because I’m not pregnant yet but, truth is, this has been the unspoken opinion of all my family members for years.  It’s not Christmas without grandparents and the joy of children.  We still go to mass on Christmas Eve, we still make a nice meal, some years we even put up a tree but most of the time we find it all a big hassle. 

My original intention was to spend this Christmas serving food at a soup kitchen but a family emergency at my Mother-in-Laws office left her grounded and left me responsible for preparing something.  So it was just the 4 of us here in Orlando and rest (3) of the family in Asheville.  We gave up presents years ago.  At this point in our lives, we buy what we want.  So we started buying gift cards, but really what’s the point.  I buy Aunt T a gift card; she buys me one for the same amount. 

When Nana was still alive we made the effort to get everyone together but plans seem to fall through more and more.  When we lost her, we lost our glue.  We aren’t broken.  Just puzzle pieces that come apart without something holding them together.  Today would have been her birthday.  I miss you Nana.

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