The Christmas Village by Melissa Goodwin


 First time author shares a heartfelt story about a troubled boy and how a Christmas Village changed his life.

 The Christmas Village by Melissa Ann Goodwin takes young readers back in time bringing about a new sense of the meaning of family and holidays.

 SANTA FE, NMThe Christmas Village by Melissa Ann Goodwin provides readers with a heartfelt story just in time for Christmas.

Jamie Reynolds is only twelve and his dad has done something that has turned the town against him and as a result his dad leaves town. Jamie's best friend Tommy can't hang out with him anymore because of the terrible thing Jamie's dad has done. With Christmas just around the corner his mom whisks him away to her parents home in Bell's Crossing. At grandma and grandpa's, big breakfasts, festive decorations and a surprise Christmas village make him wish for simpler times where nothing ever changes.

After Jamie's grandmother surprises him by showing off the little village, his mother tells him all about the people who live there. She explains that its 1932, and how some of the people survived the great depression. Grandma calls the little village Canterbury. Jamie's mother made it seem so real. The smells of Christmas filled the room, pine trees, burning wood in the fire place and an apple-cranberry candle made Jamie wish that he could live in Canterbury and longed to forget his troubles.

Asleep on the couch, Jamie is suddenly awakened. It was midnight and he could hear voices coming from the little Christmas village. He leaned in barely breathing watching two children ice skating on the village pond. It was Kelly and Christopher, the two his mother told him about. He felt as though he knew them. He watched the miniature villagers. On the far side of the pond the ice breaks and Kelly sinks into the icy water. Jamie panics and is not sure how to save her. Before he knows it he is catapulted into the village.

Jamie has nightmares that he is being chased by a dark stranger. As this story unfolds, Jamie is forced to choose between staying to help his new friends or going home. This is a wonderful story that family and friends can share around the hearth with a cup of hot chocolate. Little listeners will root for Jamie and his friends in the little town of Canterbury.

Goodwin has done an excellent job of introducing characters and weaving a tale with so many twists and turns that readers will get to the end and read the story all over again. The vivid imagery puts readers right in the midst of the story.

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About the Author

Melissa Ann Goodwin treasures fond memories of a happy and carefree childhood growing up in Andover, Massachusetts. She is grateful for the many wonderful teachers there who encouraged her to read the books that inspired her to become a writer. She now lives in Santa Fe, NM, with her husband, artist J. Richard Secor. Melissa has written many stories, poems and articles for children’s magazines, and her non-fiction pieces have appeared in national magazines and regional newspapers. The Christmas Village is her first novel for children.



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