Chronicles of French Culinary Education

First of all I am loving my saturated culinary life in a French kitchen, deep in the Heart of Texas, I am tired, but if you love what you do....its all relative.


We had a fast and furious evening that included me, myself, and I preparing the escargot!  That's right, I punched holes in the little slippery suckers, made the special butter, and prepped many, many small pans similar to the image below.  It was awesome, fairly laborious, and totally worth it!



Also, I learned what "sweet bread" was and it was definitely NOT what I had envisioned.  Sweet Bread, thymus or pancreas gland from a young calf or lamb.  The sweet bread of choice for this kitchen is Cow, they thymus gland and is very tender with a sweet flavor.


Before prepared to serve, it is soft almost "brain" type texture.



After preparation process complete and ready to serve




The souffle trios, creme brulee's, walnut tarte with Jack Daniels ice cream are all superb desserts, however, I was able to witness the Chocolate Cabernet cheesecake and let me tell you it is divine!  The chocolate cabernet (Burgundy) heavenly dessert is served with an assortment of fresh berries, raspberry coulie, and a sprig of mint!  


I am working several shifts this week, due to all the festivities of being smack dab in the middle of the Holiday season.  Therefore, I am taking my French Culinary soaked self to get horizontal on the couch for a little rest before reporting back to duty this evening.  


Bon Appetit


Enjoy the song that I am obsessed with currently



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