Bloggers Have Fun With Facestrument From Cigna GO YOU!

Turn Your Face Into a Musical Instrument

Turn your face into a musical instrument with Facestrument. You’ll see instructions for how to wink, nod, and smile along to the beat of the song. Every time you do, your face adds a musical sound on top of the tune. Complete the game and add cool graphics to your own music video. Share your music video with your Facebook friends. Be creative. Be ridiculous. Let your true self out. After all, what’s healthier than that?

We invited 12 bloggers to try Cigna GO YOU's Facestrument Facebook App. Read on to see the fun they had and give Facestrument a try yourself. Can you beat their high scores? No matter what you'll have a great time trying!

3 Ways To Celebrate Being Unique (Daily)

One of the biggest life lessons I’m learning is how to be my biggest fan. LoveBrownSugar is all about celebrating our lifestyles, embracing what society has typically told us was not beautiful and proving to the world (and to ourselves) that we’re beautiful beings. Of course, all this is easier said than done. Even someone with the highest level of confidence has those small moments when they absolutely despise the little quirks that make them different from the masses....more

Cigna GO YOU Facestrument App Promotes Silly Fun for Health

Did you know... There is a wicked cool Facebook game called Facestrument that turns your face into a musical instrument. I. Kid. You. Not. It is hysterical - it uses a webcam and facial recognition technology so the user can wink, blink, nod, and smile along to the beat of a song. If you can keep up, you'll get a score at the end that reflects how accurately you performed - and you'll even be able to save your video so you can share your funky jamming with your friends. Seriously....more

A Cure for the Grumps

Facestrument is a Facebook game that treats your face like a musical instrument. Remember back in high school when we would play Dance Dance Revolution and get points if we stepped on the appropriate arrow at the right time? With Facestrument it’s a similar situation – but with fun facial expressions! This game uses your webcam and facial recognition technology to track your points for winking, head shaking, smiling and more. At the end of each turn, you’re shown your score and given the option to create a music video using your Facestrument....more

What Can Your Face Do?

Are you a unique individual? Do you have an expressive face? Can you keep on beat? (well...this isn't exactly necessary...) Are you into Facebook games? Now I'm not talking about the life-sucking games like the farm one or that old mafia one. I mean those short one-time-and-you're-done kinda games. I love 'em!...more

Celebrate Being You

I can't dance, but I love to. So, I still shake in the front row of Zumba class. I can't sing, but still think it's fun to sing along with the radio at the top of my lungs. And I'm probably dancing, too- it's not like anyone can see me in the car, right? Oh, oops. I can hold conversations using only movie quotes or song lyrics. And I will crack up if whomever I'm talking to doesn't realize what I'm doing. Finding new ways to tie my hair up in a messy bun is a favorite hobby of mine, especially since messy buns work so well with the yoga pants I think I should live in. ...more

Just Be You

There have been moments where I found myself "lost." I would see something I loved and started to wonder why I didn't "do that" or "have that" and I realized I was focusing too much on what I loved about everyone else's talents, style, lives and not focusing enough on my own! Before I knew it I was asking my once very confident self, "Who are YOU?" In high school I had killer confidence, and I let my unique personality shine!...more

Exercise...for your face?

I still remember the Christmas in Iowa where all of David’s family got in on Guitar Hero using the guitars, drums and oh yes, some pretty awesome dance moves. It was truly an awesome evening because everyone was just letting loose having fun and showing off our bad dance moves (shopping cart, sprinkler anyone???) without a care....more

Celebrate Our Uniqueness

As my 30th birthday approaches in May, I have been reflecting on life as I know it. My childhood and what that meant to me.My youth that I am content to move beyond. My adolescence and the growth that has taken place. And while I have been dreading turning 30 since the realization came that I was in fact creeping up on 30, I have spent some time embracing it. What it means to be uniquely me. ...more

Rock On and BE YOU

I have a friend who wears neon clothes and big hats. She buys pink-rimmed sunglasses and loves Halloween. She is free-spirited, kind and doesn’t give a hoot what anyone thinks about her or her style. She is different and her choice of attire sets her apart from everyone else I know. It’s awesome....more

Facestruments - Musical Fun with your Face!

Today's post is all about having fun! I was recently introduced to a fun new Facebook App that will make you smile and giggle, and then you can share it with your friends and make them smile and giggle too. How cool is that?! The goal of this program, sponsored by Cigna GO YOU, is just to let people know that it's okay to let loose, be silly sometimes, and above all just be yourself. ...more