Cinco De Mayo

Aficionados of Mexican cuisine may want to avert your eyes as I show off my Mole Chicken Chili in anticipation of Cinco de Mayo this Saturday. This is by no means authentic but that doesn’t mean it is not tasty. In fact, I happily drowned my chickpea flour-dusted roti with succulent pieces of chicken, mole sauce, fresh green scallions, and toasty sesame seeds. Being authentic is not the only way to be sometimes. Some days, I too crave chicken balls with day glo red sweet and sour sauce.

Mole Chicken Chili with Brown Rice

This year I spent more time in the US than ever before. I must say, food costs significantly less south of the border. I’m easily tempted by a good deal so I ended up purchasing ingredients simply because they were of good value. The same doesn’t happen too often once I return to Canada.

My gym is located inside a large grocery store 500m away from my front door. One of my favourite post-workout cool down activity is wandering aimlessly in the store. A friend once told me she doesn’t know anyone who spend as much time grocery shopping except perhaps her retired grandmother. I sheepishly agree. An upside of being a frequent shopper is that I spot out great deals quite frequently. Just a few days ago, it was chicken thighs that caught my eye. Naturally I had to figure out a meal to incorporate my latest bargain find.

Mole Chicken Chili with Brown Rice


When I first purchased my slow cooker, I never expected it to play such a prominent role in my cooking. Good thing that it does too because plenty of nourishing dinners came out of this small appliance. The Mole Chicken Chili recipe comes from Slow Cooker Revolution (of course). Like I said in the beginning, this is not authentic Mexican cooking. What it is, is a dark and smooth chicken stew with hints of cocoa, chili, chipotle, cinnamon, cloves, tomato, onion, peanut butter, and raisins. I made the sauce super smooth by blitzing it with an immersion blender. This stew is just as much about the chicken as the sauce.

Chicken Mole is typically served with rice. Corn tortilla is probably quite appropriate too but I ate mine with toothsome Trinidad roti dusted with chickpea flour. Roti is best enjoyed fresh but luckily they store well in the freezer. I wrapped individual rolls of roti using wax paper and store them in freezer bags. A trip to the microwave and the roti comes out supple and steaming hot. Love it! Do I feel particularly festive after this meal? Not really. But gosh, this is yummy hearty food that I can eat all day long.

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Mole Chicken Chili with Brown Rice


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