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I'll admit to being a fan of Disney's Cinderella. I know, the whole Disney princess thing can be problematic, from the feminist perspective, but I like a good fairy tale. It can't be helped, I was raised on Cinderella.

And yes, I love that the fairy Godmother turned the pumpkin into a coach for Cinderella's ride to the ball. What a perfect use for a pumpkin!

The Electric Cinderella and Carriage

When Melanie sent me a link to some pumpkin crafts with a pumpkin coach featured prominently on the page, I had the urge to track down the Cinderella movie and watch. I fought the urge and went looking for other movie pumpkin crafts to create.

My kids love Return to Oz and Jack Pumpkinhead is a favorite. I found some Jack Pumpkinhead dolls but no clear instructions for making them. Anyone have a link to instructions?

My son Chris is a Tim Burton fan and that started when he was very young and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. And yes, Jack Skellington is a favorite character. There are lots of craft ideas for this particular Jack:

  • A huge puppet
  • Jack Skellington Toothpick
  • And of course, the knitted hat
  • Uh oh, now I'm feeling the urge to watch Cinderella again.

    Flamingo House Happenings

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