Citrus from home, #1

I felt better after taking some medicine for my migraine and a nap.  I started working on some of the citrus that I brought back from visiting family in Central Florida.

The fruit came from the yards of my brothers' homes.  Tangerines and grapefruit from one yard; lemons and honeybells from another.  Also some oranges from an abandoned lot.

I began processing the lemons this evening.  I juiced quite a few and started cleaning the peel for candied lemon peel.  I will relate a full recipe after I have made a batch or two and know what I'm doing.

If you have access to lemons, I would recommend making frozen lemon cubes.  4 - 6 ice cubes of frozen lemon juice and a cup of sugar makes wonderful lemonade.  You can put up enough cubes to last most of the year.  It is something I try to do every year.

So, expect more postings on my attempts to make candied citrus peel and marmelade in the coming days.  The fruit jam I made earlier in the year is almost gone to it is time to start jamming again before I run out.

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