Citrus Vinaigrette

Citrus Vinaigrette


My husband and I recently ate at the Citron Restaurant in the JW Marriott hotel in Orlando. The salad dressing on my salad was the best I had ever eaten. I didn't have to do a heap of arm twisting to get the recipe, only a tiny bit. Of course, the chef's recipe was for three vats of the dressing. So, I had to figure out the proportions first and then make some adjustments to the ingredients. The biggest tip that I got from the Chef was to puree the sectioned citrus fruit. I've made similar types of citrus vinaigrettes before but always with fresh squeezed citrus juice. Take the tip. Don't juice your fruit. Pulverize the tarnation out of it instead. I used my immersion blender (I <3 it!) but you can use an upright blender or food processor. It makes all the difference in the world. Here's my version of the recipe:


3 oranges, sectioned (Florida, of course)

1 grapefruit, sectioned ( from our backyard tree)

1 lemon, sectioned (Florida, of course)

scallions or shallots, roughly chopped (I used scallions because I had them on hand)

2 tbsp. rice wine vinegar

1 tbsp. raspberry vinegar

1 tbsp. honey

1 tsp. dry mustard

1/2 c. canola oil

1/2 c. olive oil (I used extra light)

Salt and pepper to taste


Put sectioned fruit and scallions in bowl. I pulled scallions from my garden and wound up with about 1/2 cup chopped. You may want to use less. Just suit your taste. I did squeeze the remaining juice from the fruit in the bowl, too. Puree by your chosen method. Add vinegars, honey and mustard. Blend. Add oil slowly so it will incorporate well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mine has a lovely mint green color from the green onions. It will go on my fresh picked salad greens (from my garden) tonight along with my Roasted Chicken Wangs. Not too bad for a day's work.



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