Civil engineer by day, swimwear designer by night - my journey to make fashionable swimwear with complete back coverage

**UPDATE** We just got featured on ABCNEWS, this is so exciting !!!
Connventional wisdom suggests that many women, especially teenagers shy away from swimming with family and friends due to body image issues stemming from magazine covers telling them what size they should be or how their bodies should look like, with the latest fad being the thigh gap phenomena. But did you know that many teenage girls (even adults, including me) shy away from swimming for a whole different reason other than weight? Many women suffer from body acne (or bacne), especially in the upper back area that can often lead to feeling of embarrassment when it comes to wearing "traditional" swimwear styles out there. 
 I am a  30+ year old mother of two, who is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that I will never ever have that perfect clear skin I see on the magazines.  I must confess, in my 30's I didn't think I would be writing about bacne or scars or anything related to it.  All the years of breakouts has left many scars on my back that makes me uncomfortable to wear backless clothing, even to this day.  As far as swimwear goes, I dare you to go find decent pieces that cover the back.  I have on many occasions missed out on family time with my kids just because mommy doesn't feel comfortable in her swimsuit. Finally, I decided to make a custom made swimsuit with complete coverage on my own. 
After getting  lots of compliments and people stopping me to ask where I got my swimsuit, I realized that there must be a lot of women out there who like me have searched for stylish and fashionable swimwear with back coverage and came up with nothing. That is why I am launching a swimwear line specifically designed for women like me, women that are fashion conscious, who like to look good and comfortable at the same time.
My swimwear line is called KennaSwims and features sexy and fashionable swimwear designs with complete back coverage.  Our designs are ideal for many women for many different reasons, whether you are looking for some modesty or just a unique style or to cover up skin flareups, tattoos or whatever, Kennaswims has got your back!
As a mom, I am also increasingly concerned with our society equating attractiveness with wearing skimpy clothing, and you can't get more skimpy than many of the popular swimwear styles out there right now.  I want to create a brand that makes modesty fun, sexy and fashionable as an alternative for teenagers and adults alike.

We are currently being funded on Kickstarter from May 14th through June 23th. Visit my website at and you will find links to my kickstarter page or you can directly go to the kickstarter page at
You can be one of the first to own our designs and at the same time help launch KennaSwims to be a successful brand by going to our kickstarter page.
A little back ground on kickstarter. It is a crowd funding site where designers and artists launch their designs with a funding goal. People can pledge to back their project starting from $1.00 and up.  For each amount pledged backers get a reward from the designers depending on how much they pledged.  In my project, the rewards include the swimsuits you see on my website .
Please leave your comments/feedbacks or email me at for any inquiries, I would love to hear from you.


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