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Psychics are individuals who claim to have strong extrasensory perception (ESP), an ability that allows them to learn things that normal people can’t, such as future events. Nowadays the California Psychics, which is a network of clairvoyants in California, offer a number of psychic readings that are normally held over the phone. There are many critics of this association who claim that the group is nothing but a group of scammers. This article aims to shed some more light on this matter and determine whether this group really is a fraud or not.

Mark Opa of Clairvoyant Encounters notes “The group started in 1995 and is now composed of mediums, clairvoyants, channelers, and empaths, among others. It is one of four psychic groups that started before the 21st century, which includes LivePerson and the California Astrology Association. It is also a partner company of Outlook Amusements, which stresses that the services they provide are for entertainment purposes and that they don’t promise that the predictions of their telepaths would come true.”

The official website of the California Psychics, just like the websites of other similar networks, is fairly simple and easy to navigate. It provides visitors a list of all the clairvoyants on their list, as well as those who are online. The website has a psychic blog and a daily newsletter where they can read different articles and posts about finding one’s soul mate, career forecasts, and the like. Visitors may also sign up for a free daily horoscope newsletter.

According to Outlook Amusements, this group has a very strict screening method for people who want to be a part of the network. If statistics are to be believed, only two out of every 100 hopefuls are accepted into the network. It is this stringent process that separates this association of clairvoyants from other groups available in the country today. Would-be customers of this association may also choose the number of minutes that they spend on the phone with a clairvoyant. This lets them keep track of how much money they are spending on each of their readings. The group also has special offers that let new customers save on readings.

One can view the various clairvoyants who are available for a reading. The prices for a single reading depend on the psychic a customer chooses to talk to. There are those who charge a dollar for every minute, and there are some who charge as much as 10 dollars per minute. Customers can view the members’ profiles on the website and see how much they charge before calling the extension number, which is also indicated in their profiles.

It is possible that this network may be perceived as a fraud by people who expect too much of it. Those who plan on turning to this network, whether for tarot readings or advice on love and career, should remember that these services are for fun and are not supposed to be taken as a substitute for professional psychic services.

Now that you know a little more about California Psychics, will you learn what Fate has in store for you?

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