Clarisonic Mia. My Holy Grail

My holy grail for my acne prone face…my beautiful Clarisonic Mia in pink of course!Well, let me tell you why I had to go out and snag this baby.Up until I reached 30 something, I had porcelain clear skin. Then one day my skin turned on me! I waited a couple of months to see if it was some kind of fluke, but….it stayed.

I called and made an appointment to see the dermatologist. I get to my appointment and filled out all the necessary paperwork in the lobby and I got called to go into the room for the doctor. The technician asked me questions and looked over the paperwork then hands me a hospital gown and tells me to take everything off except my undergarments.  So I gave her this weird and confused look and said, “I have acne on my face.”  Then she said, “The doctor likes to examine the whole body.”I was still confused and just did what she said and noticed that I had on a pair of bright yellow Victoria’s Secret Pink collection that says, “Hey Sexy”. Just imagine the thoughts that were going in my head.

Well, the doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and retin-a micro gel.I took those for a couple of months with really no improvements.  Then my hair stylist told me about Clarisonic.  When she was done doing my hair, I went home and did some research and took my happy butt to Sephora to get it.  It’s definitely not cheap, but at that point I would try anything!

I’m so glad that I took the plunge to purchase it because within a month, my skin was back to normal!I just use it everyday while I’m taking a shower. Might as well do it in there while I have the water on.I absolutely LOVE this bad boy!! I would definitely recommend this product to everyone!

Now off to the pros and cons.


-Waterproof (so you can use it in the shower)

-Different styles to choose from

-Only takes one minute of your time

-Makes your skin feeling super clean & soft




I’m sure there are more pros out there but these are just from the top of my head that sticks out.

Once you’ve used one, you will never look back to any other way of cleaning your face.

If you have one, feel free to comment and tell me your experiences with the Clarisonic.


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