Class and Dignity

At one time, there used to be a protocol for how women and men dressed.  Women mostly wore dresses or skirts, gloves,stylish hats,their bags and shoes matched. Men wore suits and ties with hats.  



                                                       The beautiful and classy Grace Kelly.



Fast forward  to 2013. Gradually over those years, things changed. Women began wearing pants and jeans, hemlines shrunk.  Now certain celebrities encourage wearing pants so tight and low cut, their thong shows-and they're MEANT to. The tighter,shorter, more low cut the better. Unless you're a pro working the corner, I don't see how this is remotely attractive.



Society has relaxed it's standards for dress in public. A LOT. Basic things like, say, underwear, seem to be optional for some. It seems to be one extreme or the other-either people show off their thongs, boxers, or tighty- not-so-whities or we get subjected to an abundance of cleavage, perky nipples, um, "cracks", and the ever-noticeable camel toe.




 Apparently it's acceptable to wear skimpy pajamas-sans underwear- with fuzzy slippers to Walmart or the grocery store. Or the IHOP. It's ok to go out in public without brushing your hair, even though it looks like two cats have been fighting in it. Please, stuff yourself into that maxi dress that's 5 sizes too small and makes it look like you have another set of breasts. On your back.



My question is, what happened to dressing with at least a little bit of class and dignity? How did it become appropriate or agreeable to let vulgarity and sloppiness win out?

 I'm not talking about dressing to the nines every time we leave the house. I'm talking about checking the mirror and taking an honest assessment before walking out that door. I'm certainly no fashionista. I dress for comfort. If I could live in tshirts,capris and flip flops, I would. Whatever I wear though, I promise to brush my hair and you will never see any of my underthings showing, my girls will not be bra-less, and you will never see me in too tight pants that say JUICY across my ass.

 No booty shorts, no visible boobage or nipples. Be a little mysterious. Leave some things to the imagination.

 Class. Dignity. Pride. Decorum. These are words that need to be re-introduced to society. Make friends with the mirror and use it. know what happens. Everyone has a camera phone and someone ends up in one of those awful People At Walmart photo collections on the internet. And that's just not pretty for anyone. :)

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