Remember These? Retro Thanksgiving Sitcom Episodes!

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As the Holiday Season is upon us, there are so many traditions to relish in. From spending time with family, to nomming delicious food, and starting new traditions with my daughter, November and December are some stellar months. Alongside all these fun times, there is also the traditional vegging out on the couch, not worrying about work, to watch the boob tube, especially as the sitcom holiday episodes start to roll in.

As I’ve already been gleaning new Thanksgiving episodes, I’ve been thinking about all the television hilarity that has happened in the past. I mean, Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday for great comedic writing with all the fun family antics that can occur. So here is a trip down memory lane with some favorite classic Thanksgiving sitcom episodes.

Friends: There are so many fabulous hysterical Friends Thanksgiving episodes. Two, though, stand out amongst the rest. First there is “The One With The Rumor” when Brad Pitt guest starred as Will, as Monica’s high school friends who recently lost 150 pounds, Will, we learn was cofounder of the “I Hate Rachel Green Club.” Pitt and his comedic timing were pure perfection, which still leaves my sides hurting from laughter as I rewatch that episode. The other episode that stands out the most in my mind is “The One With All The Thanksgivings.”  By the end of the episode, Chandler upset with Monica, storms back to his apartment. Unbeknownst to him, Monica dons a raw turkey on her head ala Joey, and dances around to make Chandler giggle. The fez hat and giant sunglasses make perfect accoutrements to get the job done.

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