Pets on the Bed: Can You Win?


In an effort to focus on less stuff and more of what makes my house a home, I can't possibly leave out our little 40-pound monster. He's by far the thing that makes me feel most like going home at the end of a bad day, because he greets us at the door with a wagging tail and (literally) jumping up for joy. He can barely handle going outside long enough to pee before he wants to run right back into the house to be near us. It's the greatest thing when you've had a rough day, and I honestly couldn't do without it anymore.

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Does this mean I have the perfect pet? If you follow me on Instagram, you know what a real pest this little guy can be -- he eats EVERYTHING. You also know how ridiculously adorable he is.

At around 9:30-10:00 every night, Luther gets ready for bed.

Oh, you think I'm joking?

No. Dog literally curls up next to us on the couch (right after his habitual three spins) and settles in for a long nap. It's insane. And adorable.

The second we say the words "let's go to bed" or "it's bedtime," he's running up the stairs and waiting by the bedroom door. Sure, he curls up in his own doggy bed and we throw a blanket over him and ...



A blanket? On a dog?

Let me explain ... this little brat (that we adopted almost exactly one year ago from The Humane Society) loooo-huh-huh-ves being curled up underneath some blankets. How do we know? I mean, how does anyone know anything about dogs? They're just animals and they don't talk, right?

But you guys ... this dog jumped up on my bed one night and pawed at the comforter next to me. I lifted it up thinking he saw something under there and he (as fast as lightning) got under them, crawled down around my legs, spun three times, curled up and FELL ASLEEP! Out cold, like doing the twitchy, weird bark-in-your-sleep thing and everything!

This brings me to my next issue ...

Luther being ridiculously cute{Please ignore the weird mustardy/bird poop colored walls. We haven't painted the master bedroom yet. Oh and I'm totally gonna have sweet dreams of mustard and bird poop now that I have officially described the wall color like that. Awesome. I gotta sleep in that. Every night.}

Anyway ... Luther does this thing where he pretends to fall asleep in his bed, but really he's just waiting until we fall asleep so that he can very stealthily jump up on our bed and curl up between Alex and me, thus taking all of my covers away and leaving me with little to no room to move if I so wish.

Seriously, it feels a little bit like torture sometimes. Then he curls up around my waist, puts his face on my hand and licks it, like he's saying, "Thanks for letting me sleep here tonight, even though I know how much you hate it when I steal your covers and push you over the edge of the bed." And in my sleepy haze and laziness, I don't bother to shoo him off the bed. Stupid me.

Then I wake up in the morning to make the bed and I see dog hair all over my off-white comforter and I want to scream a little. Sometimes I actually do. Then I take out the lint brush and start going at it like a lunatic, ripping off stupid sticky sheet after stupid sticky sheet only to see that THERE IS STILL DOG HAIR ON THE BED!

Please, please, please ... tell me I am not alone.

Just this weekend I changed the bed sheets and announced for the one billionth time that "Luther is NOT allowed on the bed!"

My husband laughed at me. Rightly so.

I lost that battle. Hard!

fresh sheetsThose are the fresh sheets. No dog hair on them yet (and it's been a few days now), and it has to do with the fact that Luther is not allowed under the covers, but the comforter ... oh the comforter has tiny little black hairs all over it! Of course, you can only see them when you get really up close ... Which I do. And so it drives me nuts!

So what's my solution to this? Well, I wash the comforter pretty much once a week. We change between this one and a couple of other thin bedspreads during the summer, and in the winter the duvet comes out, which means I wash the cover weekly. Yeah ... Removing and putting back on the bloody duvet cover ONCE A WEEK! Such a pain.


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