Pets on the Bed: Can You Win?


But that is my solution.

Now I beg of you ... what is YOURS? Do you have a better plan?

In case you are wondering the following:

  1. Yes, we tried crating him. Dog's traumatized from being locked up in a cage for almost four months at The Humane Society and will not be put in a crate. Trust me, we would not sleep at night if we tried this, and yes ... we did lose sleep, and we did try it. A lot!

  2. Yeah, Luther is allowed on the couch because I have an old comforter I cover it up with just for him. That way there is never any dog hair on the couch and no doggy smell on it, either.

  3. Punishing him when he jumps up on our bed has also been tried. He's relentless, ok?! Those of you who know this dog can attest to that ... you know he would never give up.

Cesar Millan says: "If you want your dog to sleep in bed with you, fine. It’s natural for dogs to sleep with other members of the pack, and it’s a powerful way to bond with your animal. But don’t let the dog take over the bed! Always invite him up first." {Source} Uhhhhhh .... sure. We "invite" him up ...

In case you are equally perplexed about this issue, an article in the New York Times called "Warm Nights, Cold Noses" goes into great detail about pets (not just dogs) sleeping in a bed with its owners and also quotes Cesar Millan. It brings up issues of people being more prone to getting diseases and yet doesn't seem to make any real statements that you WILL get sick if your dog sleeps with you, so for now things are staying as they are. I didn't do very extensive research though, so if you have better information, do share. I gotta figure, with how often we wash the bedding, how well his paws are wiped (even with wet wipes depending on the day/weather), we should be ok?

Do you allow pets on your bed? - Serious questions by The Learner Observer

Now, seriously. Am I doing ok, or do I need to get the dog off the bed ASAP?

Can you believe I just wrote over 1,100 words on whether my dog should sleep in my bed? Is this a real issue or have I gone off the rails here, people?; BE HONEST!


Sweet dreams!

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P.S. In case you're wondering, the sheets are Threshold's organic cotton in 'gray check' from Target.  Duh... real shocker right?

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