Clean Dinners

Here we go with round two of our clean dinners! Some of these may not be too exciting, but it's nice to know that we are eating healthy :) Plus, it's always easier to feel less guilty when you have a little sweet treat after dinner!

 Kale and quinoa mix with feta and tomatoes! I just heat up a prepackaged mix from Costco and throw in some tomatoes and feta once it's cooked.

 Chipotle chicken, frozen mixed veggies and organic baked beans. Simple and healthy!

 Just because you're eating clean doesn't mean you can't eat good food! We make organic grass feed beef burgers and baked French fries. My hubby always needs his burger on a bun but I save my carbs for the fries!

 These are always a fan favorite in our house! Organic baked fries with all healthy ingredients.

Baked chicken with quinoa and kale mix (from Costco and so good!).

 Chipotle chicken, green beans and watermelon.

These are just a few more of our everyday clean dinners that we regularly eat. What are some of your go to meals for your family?


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