Cleaning Up After Summer Fun

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It's time now to get the house spruced up and ready for fall activities. Just as you would tackle spring cleaning, fall cleaning is very important because by doing so you will actually be doing yourself a favor for when the holiday months arrive.

It's quick and easy work, if you know these 7 fun tips and tricks: 

1. Create a bin (and label it) to house all of your family's beach gear, like swimsuits, towels, inflatable toys, etc.
2. Make sure any tents or camping gear have been dried properly and aired out. It's the perfect time during the cool and dry days of early fall.
3. Take an inventory of winter gear. Make a list and check the sizing of your kids' boots. There will certainly be sales coming up for this and winter jackets. Donate unwanted items to those in need or create a mom network to exchange outgrown clothing and such. Saves money and it's frugality at its best!
4. Clean out your flower beds and trim back any gangly vines. The outside needs a bit of clean up and pruning, too.
5. Change out your light colored, summer inspired decorations for the rich jeweled tones of fall and winter. 
6. Sharpen any lawn tools and clean up garage by putting away lawn furniture and planing pots.
7. And, finally, be sure to dispose of pantry items that are past their "used by" date. It would be a good idea, too, to throw out condiments that haven't been used in quite a while, dried up, or expired. Start with fresh ones so that you are reading for the upcoming fall and winter holidays.

Need more inspiration for cleaning? Be sure to check out this handy link: Home & Garden

Do you have tips you'd like to share for getting back to business in the fall? If so, please share in the comments below. 


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