Cleaning Out The Closet

Back in April, I started working towards cleaning out the closet and I attached a link party to it.  The goal for me was to go through all the nonsense in my closet & work my way through it one day at a time.  Whatever I couldn't wear or wouldn't wear, I would trash, donate or sell.  Well, here it is June & I love the series and will continue to do it but the closet really just got on my nerves.

Here's the problem, the closet is bursting at the seams.  I have things in 3 different closets in my home.  With the change in the season, I had no issue putting items that won't work for the summer into another closet but having things I may actually wear all over the place was becoming a problem.

So the first thing I did (which almost brought me to tears) was to pull the majority of it out into a space where I could really try to manage it.  My family room became my temporary closet for a couple of nights.  Why is it that when you are trying to clean, you make things much dirtier in your attempt at progress?

Clean out the closet It's worse before it's better: Clean out the closet

I will be honest, this was tough for me.  I love my clothes & shoes but this was about getting rid of what really wasn't needed.  There were some items in the closet that I knew I would never be able to fit again & then there were some things that I felt I could wear but knew I wouldn't.  The problem with some of these items is they were either costly or had been given to me and held some sentimental value.  There was a pair of shoes that my daughter spotted in the donate pile & she got this look on face just before asking "Are those the shoes we got you for Mother's Day?" Mind you, this was a mother's day about a decade ago with the help of their stepdad who is no longer in the picture.  Insert memories & sentimental value to a freaking pair of shoes lol  Say what you want about "kids" when they give you something, they expect you to keep it forever.  Keep in mind, my daughter is now 23 yrs. old and she wasn't happy to see those shoes in the "you gotta go" pile.  A chat about how memories last longer than material goods & we were all smiles again.

I have been writing in a journal of some sort since I could write & I am quite truthful with myself in those journals.  What I learned about myself since I started this series back in April is that I am sometimes full of crap.  I am the first person to say "things don't matter" I have been poor, made money & then was poor again.  After all, my profession is Real Estate but I had to admit, going through my clothes and actually committing to getting rid of what my daughter referred to as "the clearance section" was not easy because I really wanted to find a way to keep it all.

After having a heart to heart with myself & realizing why I decided to take this journey in the first place, I knew it was time to shed some clothes.  In the end, I know the items I will donate will help someone in need.  The conservative casual clothes will be split among The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay & OASIS.   The Crisis Center is where women who have been sexually assaulted are taken care of (they do more but the sexually assaulted women are who my clothes are meant to help).  When a woman is raped, her clothes become evidence and must be bagged to help prosecute her offender.  This means that she is left with no clothes, so I know my clothes will truly make a difference to someone.  The Hillsborough County School district is one of the largest in the country (the 8th largest) & there are plenty of school aged kids who are going without clothes, school supplies & much more.  OASIS which stands for Outreach Assisting Students In Schools has been helping students since 2001 & I've donated to them almost every time I clean out my closet.  So I had to let go of my selfish feelings & realize that my fortune could help those who were in need.   When you clean out your unwanted items, what do you do with them?  Remember, one mans trash, is another man's trash.  I hope you do something useful with your items.

Clothes occupying the family room Clothes occupying the family room

Too much weight on the rolling rack caused all the clothes to fall off Too much weight on the rolling rack caused all the clothes to fall off

Clean out the closet The closet is coming together

Clean out the closet The closet is coming together

Most of the shoes organized on shelves Most of the shoes organized on shelves


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